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Why Benha University

Benha University is one of the prestigious Egyptian public universities. It consists of 16 faculties and 36 special centers and units that serve the university and the community distributed over the university.

  1. Benha University has a modern scientific climate for technological advancement which encourages students to be creative and educated.
  2. The university adopts teaching in Arabic and English. It also has programs for Chinese, French and Japanese in implementation of the university's strategic vision to enable graduates to build a society capable of competing globally with its identity, values and cultural roots.
  3. Benha University plans to conclude student exchange agreements and joint study programs with universities of many countries, especially the EU countries, China, the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Japan.
  4. Study programs are in line with international education quality standards and those of leading regional and international professional associations.
  5. Benha University is replete with distinguished academic programs and competent professors
  6. Benha University interactive learning and advanced learning strategies
  7. Benha University has centers of excellence in research which support and encourage innovation
  8. Education at Benha University is based on skills development and competencies.



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